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When many people have problems or worries and life seems to be weighing them down they don't know how to overcome them.

When this happens then it is time to think about talking to a counsellor. Counsellors have undertaken training and very deep and long study to help people with events or distress.

They have been taught to listen attentively and to be with the client and walk in their shoes with them and along the way help them to understand and cope with their concerns.

Don't delay seeking help because the sooner you talk to a counsellor the sooner you will learn to feel better.
    There may be times when you feel that life is getting the better of you
and you are becoming overwhelmed.

   Perhaps it is time to find someone to talk with. Someone who will help you see
and understand why you feel the way you do.

   When you feel that this is happening to you the first port of call
is to make an appointment to see your GP.

   He or she can assess your mental health and can recommend
a counsellor or psychologist for you to see.

   If your situation or mental health is severe,such as
           * feeling suicidal or extreme thoughts of suicide,
           * or you are diagnosed with schizophrenia
           * or bi-polar then your GP might recommend seeing a psychiatrist.

   You have the option of finding a counsellor
           or the GP may recommend one to you.

   Find someone that you feel comfortable with.

   Someone who will walk with you in your footsteps.

   Sometimes it might take a while to feel you have found the right person.

   When you find one  that you have rapport with do stick with them

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    If you are feeling a bit stressed there are a few things that you can try to help relieve your stress.

     Go for a walk in the sunshine and look at the trees and flowers.

     It has been proven by studies that patting your dog or cat can reduce stress.

     Go out into your garden and do a some gardening or weeding

     If none of the above help then another way to de-stress is to practice deep breathing.

                            Here's what you do:
     Sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet area
     (Do not lie on a bed as you may go to sleep)

     Place your hands in your lap loosely

     Close your eyes.

     Breathe deeply, in through your nose, for 3 seconds,

     Hold for 1 second, and then

     Exhale through your mouth, for about 4-5 seconds

     Continue breathing this way focusing your thoughts on your breath. 

     You may like to concentrate on thinking/saying a calming word eg., relax

     Picture a happy experience

     Continue your deep breathing for about 15 minutes

     This will help to slow down your heart rate, promoting relaxation.

     Don't expect to be perfect when you first start but the more you practice
      the more you will gain expertise at doing it